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Why sell on BazaarNXT?

Cloud Based Technology Platform

Dashboard to manage all your products, orders, order status , and accounts.

Sell Across Country

Direct reach to thousands of retailers across India.

Logistics Infrastructure

Zero Tension & Hassle-Free Pickup Service from your warehouse to customers.

Marketing Support

Showcase your brand and acquire new customers to scale your product offerings.


Design and Artwork Consultation from dedicated packaging experts & designers.


Access to NBFCs for Working capital.

Our Supplier Network

11+ Industries. 2000+ SKUs and Collections.

(More soon)
Brands & Businesses
Business Categories
Packaging units delivered

A better way to send money.

How it works?

Easy & Quick Registration

Fill the form and register. Our Category manager will assist you in all onboarding processes etc.

Get Order Notification

We will notify you when a customer places an order on our website. Once your Purchase Order is created, you can track it anytime from our portal.

Pick up & Delivery

We pick up the orders from your warehouse and get them delivered to the retailer.


We collect payments from the retailers on your behalf. Payment is directly deposited to your bank account in as little as 7 days.

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